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quantum poker
  Big_Rob_48, May 23 2011

This video states the power of intention has an effect on the outcome of random number generators.

Start watching at 1:30

Do any of you buy into this, and if yes, how would that relate to online poker?

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Want to play
  Big_Rob_48, Nov 30 2010

Hey, I want to play some small money tournaments every once in a while but I live in the state of Washington, are there any sites that I can play on?

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fish on ftp?
  Big_Rob_48, May 02 2010

I dont play poker seriously at all anymore and am just looking to make about $1500 extra a month. I have been playing stars but have noticed that even at 50 nl there are NO fish. I am talking like avg player to the flop % of 17% at 50 nl 6 max and a fish to reg ratio of like 11:1.

So question, I look at all the ftp 50 nl games and notice a player to the flop % averaging over 30% ..... are the games really that different comparing stars to ftp at 50 nl?

And fuck stars for the 20-50bb tables, as a now casual player I could never play there again just because of that.

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